Monday, November 15, 2010

Update in Pictures...

Rylan's first day of 2nd grade

We got to meet our 1st niece, Selah

Rylan turned 8

Talon turned 2

We went to the South Plains Fair

Brecken was showered with gifts from my friends


Pirate Bowl Champions! Rylan's 1st year of tackle football is complete

We love our boys

Our boys love each other

I love my boys

And I am growing
We have been so busy with school, football, and preparing for Brecken that this blog has been very neglected!! My sincerest apologies and I will try my hardest to blog more. We are just waiting these last few weeks for Brecken to make his arrival! My bags are almost packed and I really want to get my Christmas tree up this week. I'm very afraid once Brecken is here, that Christmas will be the last thing on my mind and will be here before I turn around. We can't have Christmas without a Christmas tree and lights! Until next time...