Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prepping for Halloween

Friday, we had a very productive day. We went grocery shopping, costume shopping and delivered some cookie dough! Rylan had said that he wanted to be something scary this year, but he said that last year and when we went to the scary costumes, he covered his eyes the entire time!! Before we left to the costume store, we were eating supper and Rylan said he wanted to be a werewolf. To our surprise, the costume store had a werewolf costume that Rylan was so excited about. After we purchased the costume, we went to Ky parent's house, Chelle and Morris, to deliver their cookie dough. We pulled into their drive way and the garage door opened and we could just see Chelle turning around to go back into the house. I immediately told Ky that we scarred her, but he said maybe she just forgot something. About 15 seconds later here comes Morris into the garage with Chelle and they are both laughing. Chelle proceeded to tell us that she didn't know who's tires those were and she went to get Morris while leaving the garage open the whole time. I would like to think I would stop the door or put it down if I got scared!! Anyway, while we were there, Chelle ran to Wal-Green's to pick up a few things. In the meantime Rylan had proceeded to try on his new costume, to show it off. We let him scare the dogs and Talon a couple of times, just because Talon's reaction was so cute. Then we got this idea to scare Chelle when she got back and video tape it!! So mean I know, but so funny!! Rylan and I were out in the garage hiding at the front of Morris's car and we had the video camera on a shelf, ready to go!! Chelle pulls in, gets out of the car, and gets scarred to death by a werewolf!! So funny, but I had shut the camera and it did not record. :( So much for showing the rest of the family! Still funny though! Needless to say, Rylan is ready for Halloween!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have had long hair for most of my life and my hair was long when Ky and I got married. After I had Rylan, I got the ever so popular, much easier to maintain, way short, "mommy haircut" and I pretty much have had shoulder length or shorter hair ever since. I have been growing my hair out for almost a year now, and I am just bored. I love to change my hair all the time. I go from blonde to brown to blonde again and again. I have always been a blonde, but since having my kids, I just can't help but notice how dark my roots are. Well, I have the problem most girls who love to mess with their hair have, I have no idea what my natural color looks like anymore. My mom is blonde and my dad is or was at one point black headed, now more of a silvery color. My two sisters have brown hair and my brother's is a really dirty blonde/brown color. Maybe my hair is supposed to be a brownish color. Anyway, I am bored with my hair. A couple of weeks ago, I got brave and chopped me some bangs for the fall, hoping this would ease my boredom. Then it came time for my hair appointment and instead of cutting my hair off, I just changed the color. It is a semi-permanent color, meaning it will fade with time and washing. Hopefully this change will get me through this boredom stage in my life. And yes Kade, Ky likes it just the same!!


Friday, October 2, 2009


So I just wanted to share some of the cool things that I have been doing for the first time!! Wednesday night, I noticed that I had missed a call from work. I knew that they were probably calling me to see if I wanted to go on a transport. The call was from 5 minutes before, Ky and I were putting away "baby things" in the attic, so I knew that they might have left without me. I called work and they hadn't left so I hurried up, threw on my scrubs while Ky made me a hotpocket, stuffed my face on the way up to the hospital and made it in time! I was so excited, we got to go to the big ol' town of Seminole, about a 80 miles southwest of Lubbock. It was my first transport ever!! My very first time to be on an ambulance, or within 20 feet of one for that matter!! Needless to say, I was very excited. We got back to UMC at about 12:30ish and I was able to go home at 1 that morning! It was an awesome experience and one that I will never forget, and to make it better, I got to go with one of my friends from work, Poly! It was a pretty routine transport, with not much going on, so it was a good "first" to just get my feet wet! I was kind of worried that my car sickness would kick in, but it didn't at all!! Thank goodness!! I'll try and keep you updated as my training continues!! Later...