Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Boys

Maybe I am bragging, but I think I have the best boys in the world! I just love them because they are mine and I would love them even if they were the most horrible acting children on the face of this planet!
As I run into more people and answer their questions about being a "New Mom" again and being a "Mom of three boys", all I can do is thank God for my awesome boys! All of our boys are unique in their own ways.
Rylan is more like Ky. He is very laidback, but is a planner. He is very tenderhearted. I am sure that he is the sweetest big brother in the entire world! He takes such good care of both of his little brothers and I couldn't be prouder of him. He is even nice enough to share his bed with Talon almost every night. With that being said, he also does his fair share of pestering Talon too.
Talon is more like me. He is very laidback and completely just goes with the flow. He loves to go places and hates it when someone leaves without him. He talks non-stop, even if we don't understand everything he says yet. He also has the most animated face and eyebrows that I have ever seen. He will grow into being an awesome big brother, but at the moment, just really doesn't pay much attention to Brecken. He also likes to tattle on his brother.
Brecken has been very laidback so far. He only cries when he is hungry. He is becoming more alert everyday. He loves to just lay around and take in the world around him. I can already tell that he is going to have Talon's animated face and eyebrows! He really works to get them going and is always making funny faces.
I just love my boys!!
Until next time...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Brecken Gram
November 20, 2010
7 pounds 11 ounces
19 inches

Brecken is an awesome baby! He eats and sleeps so good. He is already sleeping 4 hour stretches during the night and is pretty much like clock work during the day, feeding every 3 hours. Ky and I adore all of our boys and are so in love with Brecken already. Rylan loves his littlest brother too. He always wants to hold him or just affectionately touch him. It took Talon about a week to warm up to the idea of his new little brother. In the beginning he was really good about ignoring everything to do with Brecken. He wouldn't even look at him. Now Talon loves to kiss his head and eagerly watch as Brecken gets his bath. Ky went back to work Wednesday so this is my second day by myself with the boys and so far it has been going great. Until next time...