Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Few Reasons I Love My Job....

-the little 1 pound miracles I get to see
-the big 12 pound miracles I get to see
-all the miracles in between 1 and 12 pounds
-the families. I love getting to know these people!
-God. Knowing there truly is a God in witnessing all these miracles!!
-knowledge. I learn something everyday.
-skills. I get to practice my nursing skills and get to learn new ones.
-sharing. Getting to share my knowledge and skills with other coworkers.
-teamwork. All of my great coworkers.
-me time. I know it sounds funny, but one of the only times I am without my boys.
-girl time. The only 2 days a week I am no out numbered by my boys!
-FRIENDS!! I love getting to work with my best friends in the whole world!! I love those girls!!

I am so blessed and so lucky to have a wonderful and rewarding job! Until you have been in and witnessed a miracle for yourself in the NICU, you will never understand how deep my love runs for that place! I love every single one of those babies and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Funfetti Fun

Friday night I decided I wanted to do something fun with Rylan after we ate supper. He has been begging me to make this box of Funfetti cake mix that I have had sitting in the pantry, so I decided to let him help. I decided I wanted to make cupcakes instead of a whole cake. Rylan read all of the directions and added all of the ingredients by himself!! He was so proud of himself, and I was also proud of him! As soon as we turned the mixer on, Talon came running into the kitchen to see what was happening.
I always remember the best part of my Mom baking anything was licking the beaters!! Growing up in my house, you had to hang around the mixer to be sure you got one since there were four kids! Good thing I only have two!!
Since I was unable to lick a beater, I decided I should lick the bowl! So I did!! I'm soooo sorry that there was not a picture taken of that!! I did it in secrecy so Ky couldn't catch me in the act!! :)
It was so much fun to watch Rylan do most of the work by himself! He turned on the oven and watched the cupcakes the entire 20 minutes they baked!! When they were done cooling, I frosted them and Rylan put the "fetti" on them. Our end results....
Okay, the real end result was two very happy boys!!

Okay, the very real end result was 3 happy boys and 1 happy mommy!! Until next time...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Since I had to work on Halloween, we dressed up and went to a party at one of my friend's house on Friday night. Here are some pictures of my spooks on Halloween Eve!!
Rylan is a spooky werewolf!!

Isn't Talon the cutest monkey you have ever seen??
Here is our best attempt to get all the kids together for a picture at the party. This is only about half of the kids too!!

Here we are at the party. That was about how excited Rylan was to be around all of those little kids!!

Some of my friends and I dressed up at work for Halloween! It was hilarious!! When I got home I decided to take Rylan trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It was fun and I was even mistaken for a 10 year old girl!! Here is why....(go ahead and laugh).....

On another note, we had our last football game of the season last night! We were ranked 3rd and we played the 2nd ranked team. We had already played them twice, and they had absolutely killed us both times we played!! It was really bittersweet. Rylan has worked so hard and is so competitive for his team. Not to be a bragging mom, but he has practically carried his team through the season. Last night we were down by 7 and there were 25 seconds left and we had the ball at the 45. In flag football they start at the 45. Another kid on our team ran the ball for a gain of about 5 yards, but was also able to run almost all of the time off the clock. So, with seconds left, our team hands off the ball to Rylan and he takes of running and juking through the defense. He had just broken out for the end zone when he started to stumble and his legs just gave out! He hadn't sat out all game! He stumbled over his own feet and fell. :( He knew right away what had happened and immediately started crying. So was Mom!! Fortunately one of our coaches who knows how competitive Rylan is and how much he understands the game, ran out on the field and scooped Rylan up telling him how good he did and how proud he was of him! Ky was able to get to Rylan first, and said that Rylan was crying and the coach had tears in his eyes!! It is amazing how proud of Rylan Ky and I are. Ky can't even tell Rylan how proud of him he is without getting tears in his eyes and a cracking in his voice. It is amazing what our kids bring out in Ky! It only makes me realize how lucky our little family and I are to have him in our lives!! It also makes me love him more everyday! Until next time....