Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Talon's Birthday

On Friday, Talon turned 1 year old! It's hard to believe that time has gone by so fast! We were able to spend his birthday with Chelle and Morris, Ky's mom and dad, Kade, Ky's brother, and his wife Lacey, and Ky's sister Sierra. Also attending our get together were my sister Marsha, her husband Daryl, and their twin boys, Cameron and Lincoln. My brother Chase was also able to come and eat with us. We ate at one of my most favorite place's to eat on earth, the El Camino in Tulia. Sierra and her husband Kyle live in Panhandle and Kyle also helps coach there and the Panthers were playing the Tulia Hornets, so we decided to make our way up I-27 to watch some high school football. Talon was able to chow down on some birthday cake and open one present. The rest of the presents stayed home. This year he got a lot of ball things for his birthday, so we have balls all over the house right now. He loves to throw them and bang them together and even just hold them. He loves balls!
Today, we went for our 1 year check-up with the doctor. Talon is 22.5 pounds and is 30 1/4 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height! Everything is looking good and we are transitioning to drinking cow's milk now!! Yea!! No more formula! I then had to help hold my poor baby down while he got 4 shots!! :( The worst part about being a mommy! Talon screamed, then cried, then screamed some more, and then he was just fine. He is fine now that we are home and he is full of Tylenol. He got his first MMR which sometimes can make them sick, so we will have to see how he handles it. We never hand any problems with Rylan and his shots, so we will just have to see.
On another note, Rylan's football team won their first game Tuesday!! Go Cooper Pirate Red Team!! The score was 43 to 40!! We finally figured out that a two running back set works for us! Rylan plays running back mostly now and occasionally quarterback. Rylan had 6 touchdowns and 4 extra points we think. He also chased down and pulled lots of flags. I guess all that practice with his dad has paid off! Rylan even threw a completed pass. Before the game, Ky told him to just relax and make a good pass because they can't tackle the quarterback when he is throwing. So, when he threw the most beautiful spiral pass that you have ever seen, he looked up in the stands to Ky with a huge smile on his face and waved at him like "did you see that"! It was so cute!! We are so proud of him and he was so excited. We video taped the game and Rylan already watched it twice when we got home last night. I guess he is pretty proud of himself too!! Until next time...

Friday, September 25, 2009

One year ago...

One year ago, God blessed us with something that we could never repay him for!!

A healthy, 7 pounds 12 ounces, 19 inches, beautiful baby boy.
So today we sing "Happy Birthday Talon Drake"!! My how time flies!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

:( Sick...

So this weekend, we had some kind of bug going around. I was sick ALL night Friday night, so I had to call-in to work on Saturday, which I hate doing. I was hoping that maybe I had food poisoning, which would have been horrible since I cooked Frito Pie for supper Friday! Low and behold at about 11 on Saturday Rylan started saying that his stomach hurt! By 3, he was REALLY sick!! I think we have traced it back to Tuesday night when Talon got sick. Ky and I were up with him most of the night and he had to have 3 baths in about 4 hours and 3 sheet changes! Poor baby! We are much better now and Ky got out of this one. Good thing, because I hate cleaning up after him!! He is a horrible sickly person!! But I love him anyway.

Sunday, I returned to work as normal, just a little drained. Rylan had his very first flag football game! They ended up loosing by 3, but Rylan still had fun. I sent the camera with Ky instructing him to get me some "good" pictures, and this is what I got...

He said it was too hard with Talon to take pictures, so I forgave him! Rylan is holding the football if you can't tell. Rylan plays quarterback most of the time and scored 2 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion! Ky was so proud of him.

Tuesday, Rylan had his second game. They ended up losing really bad and never even got to score a touchdown!! They were told by the refs this game that the quarterback could not run. Our coach is really good about letting every kid play every position at least once. It's good for the kids, but not so good for Ky and I. We are so super competitive, we can't stand to lose and it is frustrating. We get to talk about it in the stands and when we see Rylan after the game, we just put on our happy faces and tell him how great he did and what things he can do better next time!! He is so proud when he has a battle wound from the game, it's too cute!

Rylan is the quarterback here with the ball.

I'll leave you with a couple of cute pictures and some funny stories! Monday a cold front came through and it got really cold. All Talon ever wears are onesies, ever!! Monday night, after his bath, it was cold and I knew it was just going to get colder!! I decided to put him in some pajamas with arms and legs in them. He looked at me like I was crazy. He was crawling funny and would wave his arms like a maniac trying to get the long sleeves to go away!! It was so funny! Doesn't he look cute with long sleeves and pants on too??

This is how Rylan and Ky practice football in our backyard, with trash bags as flags!! Creative!

Whenever I want to take a picture with Ky, this is what I normally get!

I am thinking that the picture is going to be so cute, then I turn the camera around and he is just laughing so hard. So frustrating!! I figured if I put it on here for everyone to see, maybe he will get embarrassed enough to quit. Probably not!! Until next time...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Here we go....

OK, here we go... Since I have officially proclaimed myself as a "blog stalker", I thought I should start one myself. Besides being fun to do, I thought it would be a great way for friends and family to keep up with our busy lives! So bear with me as I figure this out and it should be a lot of fun!

Lately at our house, fall has kicked in full swing. Rylan just started 1st grade and is loving every minute of it! He is learning how to read more things and is just starting with math. His favorite thing so far is when he gets to check out a book from the library. He also just celebrated is 7th birthday on the 9th! We celebrated with family and let him take a friend with him to the Lubbock Cooper football game and even spend the night after. Let me just tell, even though everything went well, it will be a while before we do that again!! Two first grade rowdy boys is a lot to handle! I don't know how school teachers do it! Rylan is also getting to play flag football for the first time this year. His first game will be Sunday. He is super excited and so are we! Hopefully we can get a picture or two to show off.
Talon is just growing like crazy these days! He will be 1 on the 25th of this month! Crazy, I know. He just began walking about a week ago and it is the cutest thing that you have ever seen. He still crawls more than he walks. Walking just isn't fast enough for him to keep up with Ry yet! He currently has has 8 teeth. His four top and four bottom. This week he is getting some back teeth in. Today he ran a low grade fever and is slobbering like crazy! When you look in his mouth his gums are all swollen and red and you can see white starting to peek through. He is such a tough little boy! Every once and a while he will just want to cuddle, which he never wants to do, but he is still going like crazy and getting into everything!!

Ky is still at City Bank working in the accounting department. No complaints from him. He still dreams of starting his own company. Doing what? Your guess is as good as mine. He is going to have a busy next couple of days because he is helping out with a big customer appreciation golf tournament for the bank. He will get to meet some new people. As you know he is just THRILLED about it! Hopefully he will survive and have some new friends after it is all said and done with.

I'm still working in the NICU and loving every minute of it! When school started I went part-time so I could stay home with the boys! I only have to work 2 days a week, so I end up working every weekend. When there are school holidays and the summer, Ky's mom is able to help us out with the kids. So I won't always have to work every single weekend. It ends up working out great! I love being home with my boys and feeling like a stay at home mom. My most recent undertaking at work is that I am training to do transports. I will be going to pick up babies from outlying facilities that need a hospital capable of taking better care of their babies. I am so excited and scared at the same time. I will have to be able to intubate, put central lines in the umbilical cord, and make decisions on my own without a doctor! Hopefully my years of experience will pay off. This is why I love the NICU, there are always opportunities to stretch my knowledge and skill level!! I have already helped but lines in once this week. I will keep you updated as my training progresses!!

Well I'm going to apologize for such a lengthy post!! Hopefully this blogging thing will work out and I can keep everyone updated about our lives! Time to go to bed!