Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bathtub Presents

So in my 7 years of having kids, this has never happened to me!! I put Talon in the bathtub as I get ready in the morning. This morning, I was putting on my make-up when I started to smell a strong, but all to familiar smell. I turn around and see this...

Thank you, Talon!! The joys of being a mother!! Sorry for the graphic picture, but I just couldn't help but sharing.

Until next time...

Dallas, How Dare You!!!

In about the last month, I have lost 2 friends to Dallas... Why is Dallas so much better than Lubbock? Ok I guess I understand when it is for better job opportunities and family. Dallas, I guess I can forgive you! Now I have an 2 excuses for a girl's trip to Dallas.
Thursday night, we said goodbye to Tiffany! Tiffany and I both became a NICU nurse at the same time and we have been through so much together. She was going to be doing transports with me, but I am all alone now. I guess I will survive. I have many more friends in the NICU and I just hope that they aren't taken away from me anytime soon! I don't think I could handle it!!Cynthia, Allyson, me, Mia, Angie, Rebecca, and Tiffany out at Louie Louie's to say goodbye.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We finally got our tree up Wednesday. With the help of the boys, we got it decorated. I decided to not put up as many ornaments as I normally do, since we have a 14 month terror running around the house. Talon doesn't break things, he just brings things to you. Before you know it, you have a pile of his "treasures" sitting beside you. He is doing really good so far. The first night, we told him "no" about a million times, and he really hasn't touched it since. I just catch him every once and a while over admiring the tree. Now I just have to start my Christmas shopping to fill under the tree. I think we are going to Toys-R-Us tonight.
On another note, Rylan is going to spend the night at his friend Cole's house tonight. That is why we are going to sneak in a trip to the toy store while he is gone. :) It will be his first time to spend the night with someone other than family. I hope he does good and has a great time!
Until next time...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Las Vegas

This past weekend Ky and I went with all my family to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother, Chase's 21st birthday!! My Mom does the Cowboy Christmas show during the National Final Rodeo for 2 weeks, so we decided to join her. It was a blast! Not because we were in Las Vegas, but because my whole family was there and we got to spend time together!
Ky and I were so excited to leave. We decided only about a week before that we wanted to go, so my Mom and Dad were able to arrange it and we stayed with Marsha and Daryl in their room at Harrah's. (Thanks for letting us have a slumber party with you guys!!) Ky and I were originally supposed to leave Lubbock and change planes in Dallas and touchdown in Phoenix then get to Vegas. Needless to say, it was going to take over 6 hours of travel time. Thursday, we checked the flights and the nonstop flight had seats open. Ky called and they only had 3 left so we changed our flights and were so excited! We got to the Lubbock airport Friday an hour early and our plane ended up being delayed 2 1/2 hours due to the snow in Houston. Darn the luck!!
Anyway, we got to Vegas and Ky went to the Rodeo with everyone and Mom, Marsha and I went to a jewelry show and we had our first In-N-Out Burger experience. It was really good, but we looked really stupid when we went through the drive thru and they asked us if we wanted to eat in the car and we said "what??". Did we have another option? Weren't you supposed to eat in your car from the drive thru. They told us that if we didn't want to, they would put it in sacks, and if we did, they would just leave it all unwrapped for us! So we had a good laugh and decided to eat in the car.
Saturday, Marsha and I shopped the Cowboy Christmas shows looking for Christmas gifts and only ended up buying me my first pair of cowboy boots and a new pair of jeans. That night, the whole family ate at a little dive named Ellis Island that is off the strip and it was really good. After eating, everyone except for Dad, Chase, Ky and I went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Ky and I have seen them twice already, so we opted not too and Dad and Chase just weren't interested. They all ended up leaving early because they hated it. Apparently they changed the show this year. Ky and I loved the old one and are curious about the new show now, but don't know if we want to waste our money to see it. Ky and I ended up going back to the room to watch some football and Marsha and Daryl joined us shortly after.
Sunday, we got up and watched the end of the marathon that was going on the strip, then went to gamble a little. Marsha and I just played a couple of slot machines. Daryl played Texas Hold'Em Bonus and Ky played Craps. The whole entire time we were there, Mom was the only one winning anything. Just that morning she hit $700 on a slot machine! And that was her 3rd time to hit a big jackpot!! She called us and told us that she was going to give each of us kids $100 to play on a specific Wheel of Fortune machine in the Mandalay Bay. We had to load it, which was $2 a pull, and pull it 50 times and whatever was left we could have. Chase went when we weren't there and lost all the money. All of us girls went together. I went first and ended up with $63. Marsha went and won more than I did, then Jamie went and she also won more than I did. Sorry I can't specifically remember how much. Jamie and I then decided to put our money together and go again. We took turns pulling and thanks to her good touch at spinning the wheel, we won $300. We split it and walked away with $150. Marsha went again and ended up walking away with $94!! It was fun and the best way to gamble, with money that is not yours!! We then walked around for the remainder of the time and then it was time to leave. Jamie was on our flight home and we got back to Lubbock at 10:30 Sunday night.
The boys stayed with Ky's parent while we were gone. A big thanks to them!! That was my first time without Talon and it wasn't so bad. I guess it is easier when it is your second that you are leaving. It was a fast and furious trip, but so much fun! For some strange reason, I only took 2 pictures while we were there. I don't know what I was thinking!! Anyway, here they are...

Ky and I Saturday morning before leaving the Hotel.
On the bus on the way to the Mandalay Bay. Look at how cute Marsha and Daryl look!!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Cards

We had our annual family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. Talon was deathly afraid of the male photographer, he isn't big into guys right now! All things considered, we got some pretty great shots. Here are a few...
Until next time....