Friday, May 13, 2011

Life Goes On

My absence is inexcusable, but life has gone on and the blog has been neglected as a result.
We are in the final count down phase of school and looking forward to a fun summer. Rylan is still playing machine pitch baseball, but the season is winding down along with school. I shot some good pictures at his game the other day, so I will do my best to get some uploaded on here. Until then, here is a life recap in some pics:

My Valentine's gift from Ky. He dressed them up and shot a picture and had it in a frame waiting on me when I got home from work!

Brecken at 3 months old

Swimming, swimming and more swimming! We will be doing this a lot this summer!

Brecken in his first Easter outfit

Don't you just love all those cheeks!

All ready for the baseball game!
Until next time...

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